The Independence of Ecuador

In May 1830, Ecuador joined the Gran Colombia along with Venezuela, Panama and Columbia as independent nations, but the story started a long time before.

On the 10 of Aug 1809, Ecuador was the first country in Spanish America to declare independence. And to be more specific, it happened soon after Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in 1808. This revolutionary wave was known as the Luz de América

Unfortunately, the 
criollo rebels, or the people of Spanish descent born in the colonies, they lacked the sufficient power to resist the crown authorities. You can imagine what the crown did to the criollo once they reclaimed power. 

In 1822, the revolutionary armies led by two major heroes, Simón Bolívar and Antonio José de Sucre, they reached theEcuador territory and fought Spanish troops at one of the major battlefields in history,  the Battle of Pichincha near Quitowhich resulted in Ecuador's independence.


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