Christopher Columbus: Hero or Foe?

Do you ever wonder why dozens of cities and states , like Minnesota, Alaska, Vermont and Oregon have already replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day? 

Let me address your question.

Columbus has been introduced to schools as a celebrated figure, a hero who explored and discovered the Americas. However, historians say otherwise.

When Columbus sailed across the Atlantic in his three ships: The Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria, many people mistook him for being the pioneer in the field, the man who figured out that the Americas exist.

Is he the first explorer of the Americas, indeed? Clearly, Columbus was not the first to set foot on the Americas, discoverers like Leif Erikson from Iceland, and kings like Mansa Musa from Mali, both discovered the Americas centuries before the advent of columbus.

During his voyages through the Caribbean islands and the Central and South American coasts, Columbus came upon indigenous people that he labeled "Indians." And he wiped out half of the indigenous people’s total population to suppress any uprising or revolution against him.

This is the true face of Columbus